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Luke Williams & Natasha Soobramanien
Luke Williams & Natasha Soobramanien

Luke Williams was born in 1977. He grew up in Fife, Scotland, and studied creative writing at the University of East Anglia, where he was taught by W. G. Sebald. The Echo Chamber, his debut novel, was published this year by Hamish Hamilton in the UK and by Penguin Viking in the US.


Natasha Soobramanien is also a graduate of the MA in Creative Writing at UEA. Her writing has appeared in the London art writing journal, The Happy Hypocrite (Book Works), Chris Evans’ anthology, Magnetic Promenade and Other Sculpture Parks (Studio Voltaire) and most recently, in The Echo Chamber.


Luke Williams and Natasha Soobramanien are currently collaborating on an oblique history of the island of Diego Garcia which seeks to examine how power uses narrative to enforce and extend its position.

The Echo Chamber
The Life of a Writer

Luke Williams & Natasha Soobramanien

The Life of a Writer Series is brought to you by the Birkbeck BA Creative Writing Programme.

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