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Susana Medina
Susana Medina

Hailed as ‘A shockingly beautiful innovative voice in which the sublime and laughter are perfectly matched’ by Andrew Gallix, The Guardian, maverick writer Susana Medina writes both in English and Spanish, her native language. She recently published Red Tales Cuentos rojos, to critical acclaim (bilingual edition, 2012, Araña Editorial, co-translated with Rosie Marteau) and is the author of Philosophical Toys (Dalkey Archive, 2013), which is her first novel in English – offspring of which are the highly praised short films Buñuel’s  Philosophi cal Toys and Leather -bound Stories (co-dir ected with Derek Ogbourne). Her other books are the poetry and aphorisms collection Souve nirs from the Accident and&nb sp;Borgesland:&n bsp;A voyage through the infinite, imaginary places, labyrinths, Buenos Aires and other psychogeographies and figments of space which explores imaginary spaces in the oeuvre of Jorge Luis Borges. She has received numerous awards, including the Max Aub International Short Story Prize and a writing grant from the Arts Council of England, for her novel Spinning Days of Night.

Photo: Derek Ogbourne, 2012

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