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Maggie Womersley
Maggie Womersley

Maggie grew up in West Sussex and moved to London in her twenties to work as a  film-researcher and then producer in the TV industry. Her credits include Rich Hall’s How the West was Lost, A Perfect Carry On, Royalty Unzipped and To DIY For. She has also made promos for the BBC, Sky TV and certain adult entertainment channels that are best left unmentioned. She is married with one son. In 2007 she completed the Birkbeck MA in Creative Writing. She has recently completed her first novel, Eddie Bain’s House of Horrors. Twitter: @MaggieWomersley

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Date Section Submission

29.06.15 Blog The Vauxhall Corsa in the Driveway 2 (Formerly known as The Pram in the Hallway)
13.05.15 Blog The Pram in the Hallway 17
28.07.14 Blog The Pram in the Hallway 16: The Doley Blues
10.03.14 Fiction Creative Writing
10.02.14 Blog The Pram in the Hallway 15: Hot Air
16.12.13 Blog The Pram in the Hallway 14: Hobbity Christmas Everyone!
11.11.13 Blog The Pram in the Hallway 13: Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Bare Bones
07.10.13 Blog The Pram in the Hallway 12: The Lurker in the Library
05.08.13 Blog Pram in the Hallway 11: Scaredy Scaredy Me
15.07.13 Features Interview with Lydia Netzer
29.04.13 Blog Pram in the Hallway 10
25.03.13 Blog Pram in the Hallway 9 - Into the Woods

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