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Niki  Aguirre
Niki Aguirre

NIKI AGUIRRE has lived in the United States, Spain and Ecuador and now resides in London with her family and four cats. She studied English Literature at the University of Illinois and holds an MA in Creative Writing from Birkbeck. Aguirre’s stories have appeared in Tell Tales, LITRO and Pen International Magazine. She has published two collections of fiction, 29 WAYS TO DROWN (Flipped Eye, 2008) and TERMINAL ROMANCE (Flipped Eye, 2012), available now as an eBook and later this year in print.

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14.05.12 Fiction Match Made in Heaven
30.04.12 Blog Do your Readers Deserve a Happy Ending?
04.04.11 Features Finding Form: Writing 'Terminal Romance'
04.04.11 Fiction Don't Eat the Prawn


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