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Zoë Ranson
Zoë Ranson

Zoë Ranson is a writer, performer and alt rock fanatic. She has had three songs written about her. None of them were hits. Just finishing her MA at Birkbeck, Zoë is relieved to find she has written a novel, Promontory, and is at work on a follow-up as well as a series of interlinked short stories focusing on the rise and fall of a rock band on the Brighton Psychedelic scene. This week she managed a half lotus without wobbling...that much.

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Date Section Submission

21.01.13 Reviews Opposed Positions by Gwendoline Riley
17.12.12 Features Interview with Simon Okotie
10.12.12 Reviews The Stars in the Bright Sky by Alan Warner
05.11.12 Fiction I am not your Father
18.06.12 Reviews Richard by Ben Myers


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