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Jacquelyn Shreeves-Lee
Jacquelyn Shreeves-Lee

Jacquelyn Shreeves-Lee is currently undertaking an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck and feels the course has transformed her understanding of the art of writing. In her stories she tries to unzip human universes and connect with the reader in a way that makes reading an active, visceral experience. When she’s not writing, Jacqueline works as a clinical psychologist and is very fortunate to work with two outstanding community charities, Face Front and Kids Inspire. Currently working on a collection of short stories, Jacqueline is never more herself that when she’s writing. It gets her every time, the way squiggles on a page can cause someone to laugh, shudder or cry; she calls short stories small miracles. Jacqueline lives with her two sons in North London.

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19.08.15 MIR Olivia in 4 Parts
11.02.13 Fiction Balance


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