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SJ Ahmed
SJ Ahmed

Born in Saudi Arabia, brought up in Pakistan SJ Ahmed now lives in England. She was one of the editors of Mechanics' Institute Review 6. Her short story "Naveed" was published in Mechanics' Institute Review 7.

SJ Ahmed: Naveed

extract from 'Naveed', as featured in  MIR7


Once upon a time, there was a prince. He lived in an enchanted haveli , surrounded by mango orchards. When the prince came of age, his father the king sent envoys far and wide in search of a suitable wife. But the prince already knew the girl he wanted to marry: the doe-eyed beauty with long brown hair who lived in the village. The prince had spied her one day, when he was out on a pheasant shikar , bathing and washing clothes in a secluded tract of the river. Although the king and queen were horrified at the thought of the prince marrying a commoner they were brought round by his resolve. The prince and the girl were married and soon had many . . .
Once upon a time, a prince . . . in an enchanted haveli . . . search for a wife . . . prince knew he wanted to marry . . . Doe-eyed beauty with long brown hair . . . Prince had spied, bathing and washing clothes . . . The king and queen were horrified . . . were brought round . . . The prince and the girl were married and . . .
Once upon a time a prince an enchanted haveli doe-eyed beauty with long brown hair king and queen horrified prince and the girl married and soon . . .
I have forgotten the rest. Anyway this is the best part. That is why I always remember it. Maybe it turns sad after this. I don’t like to remember the sad bits. I will tell it to you another day when the rest comes back to me. But not if it is sad.


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