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Tarquin Landseer
Tarquin Landseer

Tarquin Landseer is the recipient of a Keats-Shelley Prize and was shortlisted in the Bradford on Avon Fringe Festival Poetry Competition. His poetry tends to focus on invisible boundaries and treads a fine line between different states of being and consciousness. His concern with liminal zones of perception is one of the features of his work. He makes pointillist pen and ink drawings and likes to analyze and articulate the world around him, real and imagined, through words and images. His poetry has appeared in The Keats-Shelley Review, Staple, The Frogmore Papers, and the Templar Anthology - Peloton.

Tarquin Landseer Poetry

Who Ate all the Frogs?


The Golden Toad of Monteverde

once bejewelled the cloud forest floor —

a rare dayglo fleshy nugget that

enriched the land of the Aztecs

is no more.


In the Vosges

The Vittel Brotherhood of Frog Thigh Tasters

nibble greasily on grenouille,

licking fingers as they pick

at the Thighs of the Dawn Nymphs.


'Our tribute to the noble frog', the frog-fanciers

say with relish while spitting out the bones.


In the Malay Archipelago and Indochine

the harvesting goes on unabaited,

sating the voracious appetites of Rayne,

Frog Capital of the World,

while scientists search in vain.


Meanwhile a golden frog in Panama

waves its gilded foreleg.

Crafted like a talisman,

it is unable to guard the Underworld.

Damp and enamelled,

no hope reflected in the globe of its eye,

it stares up as if to say:


'You've lost your sense of wonder'.


A tiny semaphore signals a last goodbye

before it turns to gold.



Tarquin Landseer was awarded second prize in the 2012 Keats-Shelley Poetry Prize for his poem 'Who Ate All the Frogs?'.



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Tarquin Landseer Poetry
Tarquin Landseer

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Tarquin Landseer


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