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Richard O'Brien
Richard O'Brien

Richard O'Brien's first pamphlet, your own devices, was published by tall-lighthouse press in 2009, and his second, The Emmores, by The Emma Press in January 2014. A themed sequence, The Emmores tells the story of a long-distance relationship and features illustrations by Emma Wright. Richard's work has also appeared in Poetry London, the Erotic Review, The Salt Book of Younger Poets and The Best British Poetry 2013, and in July 2013 he read at the Royal Albert Hall for a radio broadcast in the BBC Proms Plus Late series. A third pamphlet, A Bloody Mess, is forthcoming this year from Dead Ink/Ink Lines.

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Richard O'Brien Poetry

Then Came Corinna...


A version of Ovid's Amores 1.5


Corinna, Corinna        summer knocked me flat

Corinna, Corinna        twenty open tabs


Corinna, Corinna        anaesthetic glow

Corinna, Corinna        nowhere else to go


Corinna, Corinna        tangled in the sheets

Corinna, Corinna        dreaming till I sweat


Corinna, Corinna        in a long loose gown

Corinna, Corinna        thanks for coming round


Corinna, Corinna        I'll throw if you catch

Corinna, Corinna        baby we're a match


Corinna, Corinna        taking two steps back

Corinna, Corinna        my hands on your back


Corinna, Corinna        your weight on my chest

Corinna, Corinna        this is not a test


Corinna, Corinna        hold me by the hair

Corinna, Corinna        on the folding chair


Corinna, Corinna        don't I know this song

Corinna, Corinna        where you been so long 






Splayed, like fat men

in ergonomic Swedish chairs –


each mussel's one clean break

tossed on the mass grave

of cracked-open shells.


They gesture, Hepburnesque, with frites,

these girls I met an hour ago.


It's Paris, and I'm nineteen years old.

Personal questions

make my glasses steam.


I pass the mustard, split

something in half. Inside


there is a small pink creature

alive and wriggling

ready to be swallowed whole.



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