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Thea Bennett
Thea Bennett

Thea Bennett has written novels based on the TV series, A Little Silver Trumpet and The Gemini Factor, amongst other books, and has also worked as a researcher. Sloe gin-making Thea is an accomplished actress and has worked with Stephen Poliakoff. She has appeared on EastEnders and other popular TV series – and even created her own gin while writing this book.

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How to Make the Perfect Gin and Tonic

Excerpt from London Gin: The Gin Craze by Thea Bennett (Golden Guides Press - December 2013)


How to Make the Perfect Gin and Tonic


At the most basic level, all you need is some ice, some gin and some tonic.


Gin and Tonic


One part gin

Two parts tonic water

Ice cubes


Pour the liquids into a tumbler, add ice. Stir.


But there’s so much more to think about, if you really want to make this quintessential English drink into something special:


  • It’s best to use a high quality gin, so the botanicals will marry well with the bitterness of the tonic. If you keep your gin in the freezer, all the better
  • Always open a fresh bottle of tonic for the best bubbles and the freshest flavour. Don’t use tonic that’s been sitting in the fridge and has gone flat and tired
  • Use a glass with a thick bottom – a tumbler or rocks glass. This helps the bubbles in the tonic to last longer


Chill your glass in the freezer if you have time, remove, and fill half of it with ice. Add the gin. Next, pour twice as much tonic as gin – so that it fills the glass. Add a freshly cut wedge of lemon or lime, if desired, then stir gently. Enjoy!


Another way to approach it – Gin Mare and Tonic with herbal garnish.Did you know?

A great way to make a gin and tonic very special is to use a swirl of one of the Sacred Open Sauce Distillates to add extra flavour and pizzazz. Simply make your tonic as you like it, then drizzle a little of your chosen distillate over the top. Cassia works particularly well, adding a bright, fragrant depth to the drink as you sip.










Another way to approach it – Gin Mare and Tonic with herbal garnish.



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How to Make the Perfect Gin and Tonic
Thea Bennett