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Monique Roffey
Monique Roffey

Monique Roffey is the author of two novels, sun dog (Scribner) and The White Woman on the Green Bicycle (Simon and Schuster UK), which was short-listed for The Orange Prize 2010. Her third book, out in June 2011, is an erotic memoir, With the Kisses of his Mouth. She has been an RLF Fellow, Centre Director for The Arvon Foundation and is a guest tutor on Creative Writing MA at Goldsmiths.

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Click image to buy from Foyles
Monique's Eleven

1. Information is Beautiful

This is the blog of the moment, set up recently by my mate David McCandless. David’s amazing info-graphics are a precise way of showing ideas, issues, concepts and quite complex subjects in a visual and immediately intriguing way. Check out the book too, of the same name. In my opinion, this is one of the hippest websites on the planet at the moment, awesome to read, look at, stare at; you can get lost for hours.

2. The Secret Blog of Patrick ‘Patos’ Manning

No one knows the identity of this blogger, based in Trinidad. It’s top secret, though everyone has ideas. But this is basically a hilarious satirical blog by a lone anarchist. He tells us of the life of Trinidad’s Prime Minister, Patrick, or ‘Patos’ Manniing . . . very funny and subversive and every now and then I find myself wandering to these online pages to read the ribald comments left by the blogger. Anyone wanting to know anything about politics in Trinidad, need look no further.

3. Geoffrey Philp’s Blog

Geoffrey Philp is a Jamaican writer based in South Florida and his blog is dedicated to news, ideas, and interviews with contemporary Caribbean authors. I love dipping into it to feel up to date with anyting to do with words, poetry, news and literary notable events in the region.

4. More Tea Vicar

This is a tea blog. My mate Saara Marchadour is a tea nut and writes it. She introduced me to Tea Pigs and showed me just what is in a PG Tips tea bag. A must if you like tea. Sara is also manager of The Travel Bookshop in Notting Hill Gate, yes, that bookshop.

5. Rigby and Peller

This is the website for Rigby and Peller, who have the royal commission to make underwear for the Queen. I often browse this site before I go in to the shop. I only buy my bras from Rigby and Peller, strong, sexy black bras. Yum. This is the only lingerie shop that takes my breasts seriously.

6. The Pleasure Lab

The Pleasure Lab is a one man show run by another mate, Gyan Nisarg. Ladies, if you’ve never had a Taoist Erotic massage, then save up and take the plunge. Highly recommended. Enjoy.

7. Jan Day

I’ve done tons of work with Jan Day and yes, she is now a mate too. Jan is one of the best tantra teacher in the UK. She does all kinds of work on love, sex and intimacy and she is a most wonderful person to work with. Check out her site.

8. John Hawken

I’ve also worked a lot with John Hawken. He is a very knowledgeable and I also recommend him highly. His background is in experimental theatre, psychotherapy and shamanism, a mixed bag of tricks. I have learnt a lot from him.

9. Lexi Cinema

The Lexi is my local cinema, so local it’s at the end of my street. I go there often and love it. Each film is introduced by staff; they have real poccorn in bowls and a good bar. Great to have such a place in the hood.

10. Arvon Foundation

Over the last ten years, I have been a student, Centre Director, Jerwood/Arvon mentee and tutor for Arvon. Arvon gave me a ten year apprenticeship to the pen. I return again and again. I think this is an amazing organisation. For anyone who wants to write, log on. There are bursaries available for those on a low income.

11. The Wellcome Collection

The Wellcome Collection’s Café in Euston is my central London ‘office’. I met here once a month in 2009 with another writer to exchange feedback on my latest book and hers. I hold tutorials here with my students from Goldsmiths. They have an excellent tea shop, Blackwell’s bookshop, a library – and errr . . . collection of curios.



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