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Simon Trewin
Simon Trewin

Simon Trewin heads the Books Department at Europe’s leading literary and talent agency United Agents. His email address is k and he is always interested in hearing from authors and would-be authors.


Simon's Eleven

1. The Onion
Sometimes it is good to escape from reality and click into a site that sees the world from an oblique angle. As I write, the headline spoof story is ‘Trojan Introduces “No One’s Pleasure” Condoms For Bitter, Resentful Couples’.

2. The Bookseller
The central organ of the UK book trade. If you want to know what the book world is thinking about (and why) at any given moment, go here. Comment, analysis and data – eat it all up.

3. Publishers Marketplace
If I want to check out what deals the international agenting community has made in the last twenty-four hours, I go here. It certainly focuses the mind!

4. Information Is Beautiful
If a picture is worth a thousand words, this inspired website is worth a million. Never less than breathtaking.

5. Writers and Artists – The Insiders Guide to the Media
Everything you never dared to ask about the book world is here: from reading groups to contractual advice; from how to get an agent to how to self-publish.
6. Bookslam
Patrick Neate transformed literary events from three men with beards in a bookshop to literary nightclubs with a vibrant mix of music, prose and film. The site has archived the whole experience for your viewing and listening pleasure.

7. Twitter
Unmissable. I follow lots of creative types, including Carole Blake (@caroleagent), and the anonymous @drearyoldagent and @missdaisyfrost, as well as authors such as Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself), Charlie Brooker (@charltonbrooker) and Caitlin Moran (@caitlinmoran).

8. Book2Book
Aggregated publishing-related articles and clippings trawled from all over the world, every day. Free and brilliant.

9. Goldsboro Books
I love buying books, and Dave Headley’s first-edition bookshop in London’s Cecil Court has a sumptuous website that is almost as pleasurable to browse as going into the shop itself.

10. Currency Converter
An invaluable site for changing Dollars into Galleons and Euros into Monopoly money.

11. The Quotations Page
Cary Grant once said, ‘I improve on misquotations’. This site has tens of thousands of quotations and I can’t get enough of them.




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