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Hubbub Team
Hubbub Team

The Hubbub Team comprises Alison Hitchcock, Melanie Jones, and Katherine Vik.

February Hubbub Round-Up

There was a sign at the bar downstairs which directed people upstairs for the ‘Literacy Event’ which did make us sound rather like a school teachers’ convention and was not quite in keeping with our brand positioning. Fortunately the vibe upstairs was more promising.


Fiona Melrose started us off with a short story entitled ‘The Fox’ which was well-received despite the fact that we struggled to picture the charming Fiona as a middle-aged gentleman farmer. Dane Buckley’s poem ‘Harrow-under-Hill’ chronicled the woes of those of the wooden spoon living in the shadow of the silver-spooned ones and Tarquin Landseer continued the fox theme with his poem ‘Fox and His Friends’ in which the fox-hunters get their just and saucy desserts. Nadim Safdar’s short story ‘The Things He Bought’ intertwined the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a spot of frustrating furniture shopping.


Julia Bell entertained us with new work from her poetry memoir Hymnal and an extract from a new short story ‘The Wilds’ set in Suffolk amidst the intrigues and politics of a country village.


Lastly, Luke Williams read from his prize-winning debut novel The Echo Chamber: from the origins of the relationship between his protagonist, Evie Steppman, and her lover, Damaris—a speechless encounter as human statues in Edinburgh—to its death-knell—appropriately muted in a soundless chamber in Philadelphia.


The next Hubbub will take place on Monday the 14th of May to coincide with Birkbeck Arts Week and will feature Benjamin Wood, amongst others, reading from his debut novel The Bellwether Revivals.


We will send out a formal call for submissions closer to the time but you are welcome to start sending in your work in the meantime. Please read the Submission Guidelines and send your submissions to



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Julia Bell


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February Hubbub
Hubbub Team

February Hubbub - 2016
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