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July Hubbub Round-Up

Our summer Hubbub was well-attended despite the ubiquitous drizzly weather and, after replacing a faulty microphone cable, the evening proceeded smoothly.


Nouritza Matossian started us off with a short story and a couple of excerpts from her novel-in-progress, Aphrodite’s Rock. Victoria Grigg read some of her poetry, Katherine Vik enlarged upon the dangers of repairing your TV aerial during a thunderstorm and Timothy Graves entertained us with an excerpt from his second novel The Book of Belial.


Julia Bell was the first of our guest readers; she started with poetry and then read from a short story involving a hypnotised lobster that was as intriguing as anticipated. Richard Hamblyn read from his true stories of imagined landscapes and his visual-aid-assistant, Liane Strauss, beautifully transformed a footnote into a poem. Anthony Joseph finished us off with some excerpts from his novel, The African Origins of UFOs, and some poetry from his new anthology as well as some from earlier collections.


It was a very enjoyable evening (evidenced by the fact that I nearly missed the last train). The next Hubbub will take place in October once the Autumn term has got going.



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