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Carmel Shortall
Carmel Shortall

Carmel Shortall lives in London but grew up in Northern Ireland. She is currently doing the Certificate of Higher Education in Creative Writing at Birkbeck having previously studied Journalism there and she has a degree in Humanities from Middlesex University. Carmel is writing her first novel and hopes to progress to the MA Creative Writing when she has finished it. Once a year in August she goes crazy and tries to see and review 28 shows in 28 days during the Camden Fringe Festival.

December Hubbub Round-Up

The Christmas Hubbub took place on Monday 10th December and, despite the cold weather, a good-sized crowd packed out the basement bar of the Harrison in King’s Cross.


First up was second year MA student, Amy Bird, who read the from her second novel and work in progress, Ghost Train – a jolly tale of suicide and tube etiquette in which an inept ghost gets to grips with incorporeality.


Next, Escalator Literature winner and Birkbeck Cert HE student, Shereen Tadros took a break from writing her first novel to read, Your Car, a poem about relationship break-up, loss and memory. She was followed by Jeremy Curtis who made everybody laugh with his short, short story, Making a Small Dentist…cry.


BA third year student and Keats/Shelley Poetry Prize runner-up, Tarquin Landseer, read his poem, Laika, a playful and lyrical meditation on the fate of the first dog in space; the original “muttnik in a sputnik”.


Karin Salvalaggio rounded off the first half of the evening with a languid and elegiac tale, And We Danced. Karin has completed her MA at Birkbeck and is seeking a publisher for her first novel.  


Although Natasha Soobramanien was unable to attend due to an imminent family birth, Luke Williams (she wrote two chapters of his novel, The Echo Chamber) was available to read on her behalf. Luke took the opportunity to read one of his favourite sections from her debut novel Genie and Paul, which was published earlier this year.


Julia Bell also stepped in at the last minute to read five poems from her memoir in verse, Hymnal, based on her upbringing as the daughter of an evangelical vicar in Wales.


Finally, Colin Teevan read two extracts from his latest play, The Kingdom which has just finished a successful run at the Soho Theatre. Colin described the play as a version of Oedipus, as if written by Samuel Beckett. He was gamely assisted by Luke Williams and Richard Hamblyn after only a speedy run-through upstairs. He followed this with an appropriately titled monologue, The Last Word, a modern version of a Greek tragedy, commissioned by BBC Radio and part of his show, Missing Persons: Four Tragedies and Roy Keane.


Recordings of the night’s readings are available in the Audio section - click on the links in the text for each piece.


The next Hubbub will take place on Monday 28 January 2013.



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