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Hubbub Team
Hubbub Team

The Hubbub Team comprises Alison Hitchcock, Melanie Jones, and Katherine Vik.

June Hubbub

Our final Hubbub for the academic year will take place on Monday 30 June at 7:30pm in the basement of The Harrison (28 Harrison Street, Kings Cross, WC1h 8JF). Join us for an end-of-year celebration with special guests Julia Gray, Karin Salvalaggio and Superbard . They will be joined by Birkbeck student/alumni readers: Narayani Guibarra, Tarquin Landseer, James Mitchell, Antonia Reed and Katherine Vik.


Julia GrayJulia Gray was born in London. She spent her early childhood in Brussels and Oxford. Having wanted to be a writer from the moment she wrote her first composition on an Amstrad computer (ambitiously attempting to spell the word ‘croissants’, though not succeeding), she later considered becoming a cartoonist, a feminist, and a netball player.  Her teenage years were spent writing songs, playing the piano in darkened rooms and listening to Joni Mitchell, Tom Lehrer and Metallica. She co-wrote a musical that whimsically wondered what might happen if Trotsky returned from the grave, and played her first gig at the Kashmir Klub at the age of eighteen. While studying Classics at UCL she co-founded the trip-hop band Second Person with Mark Maclaine and Alvaro Lopez, and over the next seven years they released three albums – Chromatography, The Elements, and Come to Dust. In 2008 Julia returned to acoustic music and recorded her solo album I Am Not The Night with producer Tristan Ivemy. Julia's new album, Robber Bride, is coming out on the 16th of June.


Karin SalvalaggioKarin Salvalaggio was born in West Virginia in the 1960s. Her father was career military and her mother was a homemaker. Karin has fond memories of her nomadic childhood - the hours spent on the road, the anticipation of a new life, the unpacking of the old one. She’s lived in places as climatically diverse as Alaska and Florida and as culturally distinct as California and Iran. Karin attended the University of California Santa Cruz, graduating in 1989, but aside from two years in Italy, she has lived in London, England since 1994. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Birkbeck, University of London. Her short story 'Walleye Junction' was published in the Mechanics' Institute Review in 2011. Her debut novel Bone Dust White was published by Minotaur Books in the US in May.


SuperbardSuperbard is George Lewkowicz, a London based storyteller, writer and performer. George has been performing his multimedia shows as Superbard since 2010, and has quickly gain excellent reviews and a reputation on the spoken word scene, appearing on Newsnight, Radio 4 and The Jeremy Vine Show and touring the UK. His unique blend of storytelling with self-composed music and video has sat well supporting comedians like Frisky and Mannish and Tom Rosenthal, as well as spoken word artists like Dizraeli and Rachel Rose Reid. George is the creative director of Tea Fuelled, a London-based arts company, that has had several short films and plays produced. He has also had short films produced with NativeStar and has been published in several online journals and The Mechanics Institute Review 7. The Flood is Superbard's debut interactive eBook featuring illustrations and stories set to music. It will expand according to reader's suggestions. He will also be performing stories from The Flood, including stories that are suitable for live performance only, at Underbelly at the Edinburgh Fringe. His previous shows include Superbard Starts to Save the World, Superbard and the Sexy Quantum Stories, and Superbard.


Please read our submission guidelines below and send your submissions to


Submissions Deadline: Monday 16 June 2014


Who can submit?

Please note that only students from Birkbeck’s creative writing courses, past and present, can submit work to Hubbub. If this means you are not eligible, we hope you will still join us as a member of the audience.


Submissions policy

  • Any Birkbeck creative writing student, both current and previous, BA, MA or Certificate, can submit work for consideration.
  • There is no restriction on the type of work. You can submit a complete short story or an extract, a novel extract, poetry, life writing, adapted screenplay etc.
  • Submissions should be unpublished. However, previously published work will be considered in some circumstances.
  • Length:
    Prose: up to 1500 words
    Poetry: up to 150 lines
  • The Hubbub team will decide which submissions to select and the running order of the night.
  • No editorial input will be provided. Work will be selected as it stands.
  • No significant changes can be made once the work has been selected.
  • You should submit only one piece of work per event (or a selection of poems up to 150 lines). However, you can submit to as many Hubbub events as you wish, whether or not your previous submissions have been selected.
  • Please make sure you are happy with your work before you submit it. The team reserves the right not to accept an updated, replacement version, even if it arrives before the deadline.
  • Submissions should be sent as an attachment to
  • You will be advised whether your submission has been selected at least one week before the event.

Selected work

Selected work will be read at the next event.

If your work is selected, you will be asked to provide a brief (+- 50 words) biography written in the 3rd person, and a photo, to include on a handout and publish on the website. Subject to the author's permission, a podcast of the reading may be made available on the website. Copyright remains with the individual author.



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