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Rebecca Rouillard
Rebecca Rouillard

Rebecca Rouillard is the Managing Editor of the Writers’ Hub. Her short stories have been published in Litro, MIR 11, MIR 12, and in several competition anthologies. Her stories have also been performed by Word Theatre at the Latitude Festival, at WritLOUD, and broadcast on Resonance 104.4fm. Twitter: @rrouillard

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June Hubbub Round-Up

Karin SalvalaggioIt was a dark and stormy night, as usual, when we met at the Harrison for our final brouhaha and hullaballoo for the academic year. But thankfully, the storytelling was all original and entertaining. Earlier in the day I had been at an Infant School Music Festival—300 seven-year-olds corralled in the Rose Theatre in Kingston—the event beginning inauspiciously with several cases of vomiting and fainting on stage. Fortunately the Hubbub readers had stronger stomachs and all managed to perform their pieces without losing their dinner.


Katherine Vik started us off with piece titled ‘Potsdamer-Platz’, a wonderfully-observed piece, inspired by a recent writing trip to Berlin.


Tarquin Landseer, a BACW 4th-year student and Hubbub regular, read a new poem, ‘The Way of the Wolf’.


Antonia Reed, continued the German theme with ‘Homecoming’, a moving story about a brother and sister’s reunion, after five years apart. (And her ‘subtle German accent’ was impressively convincing.)


Narayani Guibarra, with her usual flair for the dramatic, read three poems for us: ‘First Love’, ‘From Co-op to Volcano’ and ‘In the Cool Silence’. 


James Mitchell got a lot of laughs for his deadpan delivery of some great lines in his piece, ‘In the Dark Lord’s Keep’.


SuperbardAfter the break we welcomed Superbard a.k.a. George Lewkowicz, Birkbeck alumnus and storyteller extraordinaire, back to the Hubbub stage with an excerpt of a fantasy novel he is working on about a boy who can turn into a dolphin. Teenage awkwardness is particularly entertaining when translated into dolphin body-language.


Karin Salvalaggio, another Birkbeck MACW alumnus, read the opening of her thriller Bone Dust White and then cruelly left us stranded in the snow, waiting to find out if the woman was really dead and if the murderer really had gone…you'll have to buy the book to find out.


Julia GrayJulia Gray performed several hauntingly beautiful songs from her new album, Robber Bride, and her previous album, I Am Not The Night. We haven’t put up a recording of her whole set, because you should really buy the album, but we have put up the title track, ‘Robber Bride’, on the Hub for you to enjoy - inspired by Margaret Atwood’s novel The Robber Bride.


Thanks so much to all of our guests and thank you to the wonderful audience who turned out to support the readers. Most of the recordings are available under the Audio section, or you can click on the reader’s name to go directly to their recording. Hubbub will be back in the autumn.



Julia Gray at Hubbub
Julia Gray

Karin Salvalaggio at Hubbub
Karin Salvalaggio

June Hubbub
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