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MIR11 Editors
MIR11 Editors

The Mechanics' Institute Review 11 editorial team comprises: Julia Bell, Sue Tyley, Kieran Falconer, Erica Duggan, Kate Smalley Ellis, Alison Hitchcock, Heidi Midtun Larsen, Rebekah Lin and Luke Terry.

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October Hubbub

The next Hubbub will take place on Monday 13 October at 7:30 for 8pm in the basement of The Harrison (28 Harrison Street, Kings Cross, WC1h 8JF).

Our October Hubbub will be a Mechanics' Institute Review special and will feature stories from the eleventh edition which was published on the 25th of September. The line-up includes guest readers Antonia Reed, Dave Wakely, Jacquelyn Shreeves-Lee, Rebecca Rouillard, Walter Jones and Jennifer Whitehead. Copies of MIR11 will be available to purchase on the night.


Antonia Reed grew up in England and Southern Germany. She studied English at the University of Cambridge, specialising in medieval literature, both English and Italian. She then completed the Birkbeck Creative Writing MA in 2013, alongside her employment at a London charity. In her writing, encounters with prejudice, loneliness and being “different” – whether in real or supernatural terms – have always been her primary interest. Her work – which includes short stories, articles, poems and a play – has been published online, in anthologies, emagazine and other journals; featured by the Short Film Movement; and performed at two theatres. She is halfway through writing her first novel, about a group of young outsiders trying to escape persecution in medieval Europe. Among other projects, she is also working on a contemporary story exploring family loyalty, the complexities of cultural identity, and sexual taboo. For more of her work visit or Twitter @_Antonia_Reed_.


Dave Wakely was raised in South London and Surrey before gaining a BA in English from Loughborough University. Since then, he has worked variously as a musician, a university administrator, a poetry librarian, a web developer and a learning-materials author and editor in locations as disparate as Bucharest, Notting Hill and Milton Keynes. He currently works as a blog writer/editor and journalist and is nearing completion of his part-time Creative Writing MA at Birkbeck, during which he has performed at Hubbub events and as a member of the Birkbeck Poets at the Duke of Wellington. His story “GJ 526.1 A” appeared in Issue 10 of The Mechanics’ Institute Review. A collector (and player) of stringed instruments and an enthusiastic home cook whose kitchen is his sanctuary, he lives in Buckinghamshire with his civil partner and far too many guitars.


Jacquelyn Shreeves-Lee is currently undertaking an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck and feels the course has transformed her understanding of the art of writing. In her stories she tries
to unzip human universes and connect with the reader in a way that makes reading an active, visceral experience. When she’s not writing, Jacquelyn works as a clinical psychologist and is very fortunate to work with outstanding community charities, Face Front and Kids Inspire. Currently working on a collection of short stories, Jacquelyn is never more herself than when she’s writing. It gets her every time, the way squiggles on a page can cause someone to laugh, shudder or cry; she calls short stories small miracles. Jacquelyn lives with her two sons in North London.


Rebecca Rouillard was born in Oxford but grew up in Durban, South Africa. She has just completed a four-year Creative Writing BA at Birkbeck and has been the Managing Editor of the Birkbeck Writers’ Hub for the last three years. Rebecca’s writing has been published in Litro, Even Birds Are Chained to the Sky & Other Tales, Wooing Mr Wickham, 45 Square and 46 Square. Her short stories have also been performed by Word Theatre at the Latitude Festival, at
writLOUD, and broadcast on Resonance 104.4fm. The first chapter and synopsis of her novel were shortlisted in the Lightship First Chapter Competition in 2011 and she was a runner-up in the 2014 Writers & Artists Historical Fiction Competition.


Walter Jones was born in 1970 and grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. He moved to London to work as a digital designer in 2000 and has since worked as a freelance writer – writing articles and reviews for various online and offine publications, and publishing work in the 2014 issue of 45 Square. Walter is currently working on his first collection of poems.


Jennifer Whitehead is a second-year student on the Birkbeck Creative Writing BA course. She grew up in Australia and has lived in London since 1995. She works as a freelance journalist
and editor and has started writing her first novel. Her influences include Joanna Newsom, Jane Campion and Deborah Treisman. Say hello to her on Twitter @jenniferw.



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