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Ng Yi-Sheng
Ng Yi-Sheng

Ng Yi-Sheng is a Singaporean gay writer. He has published a collection of his poems entitled last boy, a book-of-the film Eating Air and a documentary book on gay, lesbian and bisexual Singaporeans called SQ21: Singapore Queers in the 21st Century. He won the Singapore Literature Prize in 2008. He is a contributing editor to GASPP: A Gay Anthology of Singapore Poetry and Prose.

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(http://lastboy.blogspot.c om/)
Available from Gay's The Word Bookshop, London
Ng Yi-Sheng & Ng How Wee at writLOUD

Ng Yi-Sheng

Ng Yi-Sheng reads a poem from his own collection and 'Lee Low Tar' from GASPP - A Gay Anthology of Singapore Poetry and Prose. Ng How Wee reads his poem 'I Buy Ten Insurance Schemes for Longing' - both in Mandarin and English  - from the same collection.

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